Why I Bought the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette

What Made Me Hesitate to Buy the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette

Not sure if you’ve heard about this collab yet, but the infamous Morphe and the famous Jaclyn Hill have collaborated once again. This time, they’ve created an original palette with all new shades. I have to admit. I was not excited about this release in the slightest. Jaclyn Hill is not my go-to YouTuber, and Morphe is not my go-to retailer. And yet, here I am, buying the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette at the second release date.

Issues with Morphe

I had no reason to buy the Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette. Morphe has left a bad taste in my mouth ever since I bought a cheap set of brushes that weren’t worth a dime. I know it is my fault for not researching reviews of specific brushes, and I’m sure the brushes that beauty YouTubers use are much higher quality. But *warning* the 18 Piece Sable Brush Set is not worth it. I thought I was getting a deal since everyone adored Morphe at the time. As it turns out, you have to look into the exact type of brush a beauty guru uses to apply their makeup. This is where some of the animosity over affiliate codes comes in. You want good brushes, a beauty YouTubers hypes a product, you buy it or a product from that company thinking it will change your life, and it is not at all what you expected. Ever since I received my brushes, I decided only to buy products I thoroughly researched including shadows. When this palette was announced, I had all but anti-hauled it, and not even Jaclyn could change my mind.

What I Think of Jaclyn Hill

While I’m a YouTube junkie, I don’t watch Jaclyn enough to be a fan. I definitely am not a big enough fan to go out of my way to buy a palette I don’t like. While I appreciate anyone who does content, I do prefer other beauty YouTubers. I genuinely mean no shade to Jaclyn, because I always watch her favorite videos and have even supported her by buying champagne pop. I just prefer Tati Westbrook, and not in a mean way. It’s just like me saying I love “The Walking Dead,” but haven’t had the chance to watch “Breaking Bad,” although I hear great things. So while I would not have a problem supporting Jaclyn’s business endeavors, I’m not a big enough fan to support a palette if I couldn’t get behind the aesthetic.

The Colors and Layout of the Palette

When I first saw this palette, I was drawn to the lower left corner. Those blues and greens spoke to me. Looking at the palette overall, it had a rainbow vibe that I just couldn’t get behind. Not to mention, it was a large bulky palette that seemed a bit pricey for Morphe. I loved those cool toned shades, but I wasn’t sure about the rest of the palette. Did I need four orange brown shades? Three more pink shades? Five more warm-toned browns and cranberries? I know for sure I will never need another black again. When you have a collection as big as mine, you can’t help but think this way. I had most of the colors in this palette, and there wasn’t a way around it.

What Changed My Mind

The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette released on the 5th of July, and I did take a peek to see if it was in stock. With no chance of getting the palette, I moved on without batting an eye. But soon afterward, I got huge news. My sister’s boyfriend was going to propose in September. Now my family is close, but we are scattered all over the U.S. from Philly to San Diego. That meant one thing – travel. I began having panic attacks thinking about my last and most recent vacation where my make up bag weighed 15 pounds, and my favorite highlighter practically shattered. I knew I needed a solution to travel.

Once I needed a travel solution, I finally saw the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette for what it was. Every shadow for every occasion I could need in one palette. I’m the type of person who brings an unreasonable amount of palettes traveling. I see it as an opportunity to experiment from my day-to-day or date night looks. The rainbow layout of colors that included transitions, bold and neutral colors could surely curb my desire to pack ten palettes. Suddenly I was frantically checking TrendMood looking for a restock date. I could finally relax when I heard it would restock on July 18th. It was a 40-minute process from start to finish, but I could not be happier with my purchase.

Is the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette Right for You?

Jaclyn Hill Pallete Review

I feel like if you love Jaclyn or Morphe, this palette will make you extremely happy. If you need an everything palette, I do think you can make this palette work. If you don’t have a huge collection or lack trendy or bold colors, this is a pretty affordable option even when you consider the higher price point of $38. Including shipping your paying around $1 an eyeshadow. There’s a good mix of both mattes and shimmers which make it an incredibly versatile palette. The truth is the shades are not revolutionary, but having 40 quality eyeshadows that aren’t all neutrals in one palette is pretty rare. Trust me I did my research. While it was difficult to fit 40 shades into my huge collection, it made a lot more sense as a travel palette.

Although this is overhyped, I feel if you have a need for this palette in your collection you can get amazing use out of it. Ultimately, the usability and convenience of this palette are what made me change my mind.

If you’ve got the cash and love the palette, I think this is for you! If you love Jaclyn and want to see more collabs from her, be sure and support her. Thanks for reading my review and opinion on the Jaclyn Morphe Palette Beauties! Visit my blog for more honest reviews!