Pat Mcgrath MatteTance Lipstick Review: Will I Buy?



If you are a lover of makeup, you should know Pat MGrath. She is a true artist, even if you don’t know her, you’ve probably seen her work in magazines or on the runway. She an empowering woman who has created more trends than you could count. Pat McGrath is the real deal.

The Pat McGrath Hype

You may have heard of Pat McGrath when she began releasing gorgeous products in small batches. The limited availability caused a frenzy within the beauty community. I know I was ecstatic to be able to get my hands on a Pat McGrath Labs Lust 004. Pat McGrath creates incredible and unique makeup, so of course, I needed a nude glitter lip kit. Nevermind that I had absolutely no use for it.

That’s what so incredible about Pat McGrath. She an artist that creates trends there’s no need to follow what other makeup companies are doing. She doesn’t necessarily create products for the everyday consumer. Instead, she creates products that photograph well or are unique to her brand. I have the utmost respect for Pat and her work, despite the fact that her products aren’t always practical for everyday use. I understand her background and her ability to create groundbreaking and editorial products, which is why I don’t regret buying a $90 glitter lip set even though I never wear it.

About the Matte Trance Collection

What I’m most excited about in this Matte Trance Lipstick collection, in particular, is the simple fact that lipstick is practical for all. These colors pack a punch, and the color range is appropriate Pat Mcgrath MatteTance Lipstick Reviewboth editorial and everyday looks. The vibrant colors appear pigmented and photograph beautifully. At the same time, I could still see a use for each color in my personal collection. Thoroughly excited about a practical Pat McGrath product, the stunning color range impresses me the most.

Pat did a fantastic job staying true to herself and her brand by creating a range of colors that is complete. I know that sounds strange, but a lot of brands struggle with coming out with a range that has a bit of everything. Most brands play it safe either with nudes or only release a limited number of shades when first introducing a new line. Pat hit the nail on the head with the gorgeous nudes, editorial brights, and trendy vampy colors. Most importantly this collection looks STUNNING on all skin tones.

When Pat talks about the product in interviews, her hard work and expertise shows. She describes how she wanted a feather-light formula that is not drying, and highly pigmented. Not to mention she specialized the formula to her techniques, allowing the use of the product over a liner, from the tube, with a brush, or (Pat’s favorite) a finger. The custom packaging always to shows the beautiful lips. A nod to her surrealist work in the past. All of this together creates a luxury product that fits for one of the best makeup artists in the world. And that is very special.

Will I purchase the MatteTrance Lipsticks?

There is a catch to these lipsticks of course. They are a whopping $36 a piece, which is double the price of a standard MAC lipstick. In sets of three they’re set at $95, and for all nine lipsticks, it’s $295. This a very luxurious price for a lipstick, but knowing Pat and her products it will be worth it.

The real question is will I be buying it? I have to say, Pat worked so hard on this product herself, and it seems unique to any lipstick I own. As much as I want the entire collection, I just can’t afford it. I think these will be worth the hefty price tag, worth the hassle of waiting online to order, but unfortunately, the whole collection is not in my cards. I will be purchasing 1995, one of my favorite nude shades to complete a nighttime look for my medium skin tone.

If you can afford it, and there’s a color that speaks to you, you should go for it. I know I’ll regret not buying every single color after hearing rave reviews. No lipstick is worth as much as financial security. I justified the purchase of 1995 because I want to support a true artist. I buy so much makeup made for the consumer that may not be unique or well thought out. It feels good to support an artist and her accomplishments over a lifetime. I can’t afford the whole collection, but I feel required as a beauty enthusiast
Once I receive my order of 1995, I will be adding a full Pat McGrath MatteTrance Lipstick Review on the product itself.

Pat Mcgrath MatteTance Lipstick Review: Did it Live Up to tPat Mcgrath MatteTance Lipstick Review: Packaginghe Hype?

After all the hype around the Pat McGrath LipTrance Collection, I finally received my order last week. A reason I was nervous about splurging previously that I had not listed was that the nudes photographed cool toned. While this isn’t necessarily a con for most people, I enjoy warm toned nudes. I picked the lightest and warmest color after looking at NikkieTutorials swatches. I couldn’t be happier with my selection. While it appears cool in the tube or in pictures, on my skin it’s the perfect nude.

Most pinks tend to look pull mauve on skin tone and look overly pink. While this has a touch of pink, it does not pull mauve, pink, or too cool. It’s a lovely, balanced, and pure neutral nude. I cannot get over how perfect this nude is for me. And while colors are extremely personal, I’m so impressed with how wonderful this color is for my collection. This is such an amazing color if you struggle with nudes being too pink, mauve, or cool.

Enough with the color, everyone is probably dying to understand the quality. The first thing I noticed is the pigment. I know that’s generic to say, but this is a very opaque lipstick. But I think what made the lipstick unique and different in my eyes, was more so the simple fact that it wasn’t drying at all. Usually, Matte lipsticks tend to have a dry opaque consistency, like MAC. This one was so smooth and creamy, yet had no sheen whatsoever. It really was trippy. Also, you know how matte the lipstick looks in the promotional pictures? It’s not editing. It is so matte it looks flat in real life and yet, it still is creamy and lightweight.

If you’re looking for a lipstick that’s going to last through a meal, this is not the one. I would consider this a long wearing if you’re out at the mall or sipping through a straw. It’s creamy and moves around if disturbed, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s just a lipstick. Looking for an everyday nude at the office? This is it. The colors are so comfortable and pigmented, and definitely worth the price and hype. I would say because these colors have trouble staying on for long periods of time, you may want to stick to the nudes unless you have a specific use for them.


Thanks for reading my opinion on the Pat Mcgrath MatteTrance lipstick review Beauties! Congratulations to Pat, she did a wonderful job and has inspired me with this collection. For more blogs on makeup, visit my makeup blog page!